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    Pace Yourself

    At the ball game or the coastline, we can practice boredom. But if you watch enough baseball, you might see a perfect game; and if you spend long enough on the beach, you could find a doubloon.

  • subway swimming pool Perennial Agriculture

    What to Do with Leftovers

    Cities are recycling old and outdated infrastructure in creative new ways

  • milk flame retardant Perennial Agriculture

    Non-Toxic Flame Retardants Made from Milk

    New research has shown that milk proteins called caseins, a byproduct of cheese production that normally gets dumped down the sewer, could help make fabrics more flame-retardant.

  • self destructing tree Perennial Agriculture

    Self-Destructing Trees Make Cheaper Biofuels

    Researchers have modified the lignin in poplar trees to self-destruct under mild processing conditions—a trick that could slash the cost of turning plant biomass into biofuels.


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